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    How to print in odd and even sequence?

    Piggsvin Level 1

      As I was printing my E-Book, I wanted to print it in double-sided manner. However, the problem faced me: Adobe Digital Editions only allowed me to print in a range of pages, not the separate numbers of pages.

      For instance, it allowed, "3-13", but didn't allow, "3, 4, 5, 6".

      The error message always says: "You have inserted to many number of pages. You can only put 1."

      Am I the only one facing this kind of problem? How can I solve this?

      By the way, I am using Windows XP and hp LaserJet 1015 as my printer.

      I don't think it's the problem pertaining to the printer.

      I think it's the program itself.

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          sjpt Level 4

          If you just want odd and even, and not other specific page ranges,

          check if there an option such as 'Print on both sides' under you printer 'Preferences';

          accessed from the ADE print dialog.

          For a printer with no real duplex, that will normally allow you to print all the odds and then all the evens;

          in a proper order so that when you re-inset the paper in the feed the page pairs print correctly.



          If you need more control, or if that doesn't work



          Is it a DRM eBook?  Most of  those are not printable at all.


          If it isn't DRM, you could try installing Calibre and printing from that.

          Printing from there should give all your usual print options.

          I prefer Calibre to ADE for managing/reading eBooks anyway; and only use ADE where I have to for DRM books.


          If it is DRM, you could operate in two steps (definite faffle, but may be worth it).

          1. Install a (free) PDF printing program such as PrimoPDF.
          2. Print from ADE to a file using thePrimoPDF printer.
          3. Open the PDF file using Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, or whatever application you prefer. 
          4. Print to the real printer from that.  Hopefully, that PDF reader program will give the appropriate printer page options.