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    ADE for android and iOS


      Why isnt there an android or iOS version of Adobe digital editions reader app?

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          sjpt Level 4

          This doesn't answer your question directly.

          For many people an android or iOS version of ADE might be a convenient option.

          However, it does suggest alternatives that may be helpful (or that you may already know).


          If you have a tablet, you need to install an eBook reading app on it: I suggest Bluefire.

          Make sure Bluefire app is registered to the same AdobeID as your ADE if you want to share books between them.

          You can then copy epub files from your PC/Mac using a file manager and read them using Bluefire.

          (Apple makes it more difficult, you need iTunes, Dropbox or similar to copy).


          If the books are not DRM, there is no need to use ADE at all;

          either download them direct to the tablet and read on Bluefire, or download to the PC/Mac and copy.


          For DRM library books you will find an Overdrive app that allows books to be checked out, downloaded and read directly on an android/ios device.

          There are also dedicated apps from various vendors.

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            dc20001 Level 1

            Is there anyway to transfer content to the ADE application on an iOS device?