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    How do I create a Table of Contents in InDesign CS6 for print that easily converts to epub?


      How do I create a Table of Contents in InDesign CS6 for a print book that easily converts to epub? 


      Can anyone point me to a link for a step-by-step (not a video) on setting up all the elements of a print book properly (pages, table of contents and index) so they will convert and reflow perfectly from print to epub in InDesign CS6. This is not about building an ebook from ground up, but taking 50 backlisted print books (converted from old versions of Quark to InDesign) that now need to be converted to epub formats.


      OR could someone point me to the link in the Adobe InDesign CS6 support that explains how to create a Table of Contents for a print book (5.5" x 8.5", 288 pages), one that will convert when the file is converted to ePub (for MAC OSX)?


      Just downloaded the 706 page inDesign CS6 reference manual from Adobe <http://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/indesign_reference.pdf>  but there's not even a search feature on the pdf file.


      Up until this week, we have only done print books, creating the TOC the old fashioned way, as a fixed page, comprised of two columns: page numbers and chapters/subject. The files I have created are taken by our printer and printed beautifully.


      However, when I convert the same book to epub in CS6, the character and paragraph styles converted beautifully - but everything else is all over the place! The table of contents is on different pages, the columns split apart. That goes for the page contents as well - everything is all over the place. when it's converted to a pdf -- total perfection. Never any problems converting with perfection to pdf format and reading those on the various readers.


      (Thank you so much in advance for any help).