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    DropDownList....insert control




      i have insert one control in DropDownList but  error!!!! thi is code:


      private function selectItemsPlaylist2(evt:MouseEvent):void{

                                              var stat:SQLStatement = new SQLStatement();

                                              stat.sqlConnection = connection;

                                              if (DropDownList.selectedItem.combo=="") {

                                                        Alert.show("Selezionare la Playlist!", "Messaggio!");

                                              }else {

                                                        stat.text = "SELECT id, nome, base, testo, lista FROM playlist where lista = ?";

                                                        stat.parameters[0] = DropDownList.selectedItem.combo;

                                                        stat.execute( -1, new Responder(onSelectedPlaylist2));




      if select in DropDownList i'm not problem but if don't select DropDownList i have error!!!