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    Can't open DRM ebooks on Kobo Glo

    junemb905 Level 1

      I gave my mom a Kobo Glo for Christmas, but I can't get Adobe Digital Editions to work with it properly. I installed ADE 2.0 on her Windows XP machine and it recognized and authorized the Kobo, but when I try to open a library book on the Kobo, the cover appears and then the screen goes black and I'm returned to the main menu. The book is then marked as Finished.


      Other DRMed books on her Kobo (free ones from the Kobo Store) won't open, but display an error message: "Oops! This document is protected by Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM) and is not currently authorized for use with your Adobe ID [etc]..."


      I've tried some of the suggestions I've seen here, including deleting the authorization on the device and reconnecting. I've also tried deleting the Digital Editions folder on the Kobo and reconnecting. Nothing appears to be resolving this problem.


      I guess the next step would be to revert the Kobo back to factory and start all over. Any other suggestions?


      J> (on behalf of my mom on this Adobe profile)

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          I have now the same problem. Have you solved it?

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            sjpt Level 4

            when I try to open a library book on the Kobo, the cover appears and then the screen goes black and I'm returned to the main menu.

            Does this happen with all library books or just one?  I encountered a small number of books that did similar things to my Bookeen Opus.  One even crashed it completely when I tried to open the book.  It seemed to be specific to some books.  I never tracked down exactly the issue; just read different books.


            Also, you may find ADE 1.7.2 works better.  ADE 2.0 has problems with XP, and also with some eReaders, especially with library books.


            Version 1.7.2, it is a little difficult to find, available on Adobe site for Windows and for Mac.


            The forum software is sometimes corrupting the link above.  There shouldn't be a blank in 'editio ns.html'.  The following redirects to the same page: http://tinyurl.com/diged172

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              Same problem as junemb. Spent over  an hour today with Adobe Support. No good results. Tried 1.7.2 version, no difference. Someone should know why DRM won't open on Kobo Glo.

              This is my second K. Glo. One I had in  Dec.2012 non of these issues. Now with this replacement Glo ( touch screen problems with first one )  it's a NO GO in regards to DRM right from the start.

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                Manfred_Austria Level 1


                thx for your answer.

                I tried it with all my DRM ebub books, also I tried it with ADE 2.0 and 1.7.2.

                I think the problems is on Kobo reader. With other readers I have no problems with it.

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                  sjpt Level 4

                  I guess the next step would be to revert the Kobo back to factory and start all over.

                  I'm afraid that's what it sounds like.  Good luck.

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                    Manfred_Austria Level 1

                    I have tried it with no result. Factory reset, reset over reset button (all things you hear from Kobo support), remove authentification and set it again.

                    If I hear more from Kobo support, I will post it here.

                    Maybe it is a problem of the actual firmware (released at february).

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                      I too have had this problem, with books I have bought via BooksOnBoard - if I download to ipad onto Bluefire app they are fine. When I came to move my ebooks to new Kobo Glo in late Feb, these DRM ones didn't work - used ADE, did it all as said - no joy. Have spent time on Adobe and Kobo help - latest from Kobo was to Reset the 'Adobe GB Licence' attached to the books - not sure at all what this means (BoB say not licence attached to books) so will be going back to Kobo.

                      I think it is a problem between the ereader and ADE as the .acsm file link remains pointed at the .epub file on the desktop pc and not transferring over to the ereader.

                      Using the Kobo internet access, I cannot access BoB as their mobile site just freezes on me - this could be an answer for me if I can get access via the ereader and miss out going via the desktop - otherwise I'lll be loading these files back onto the ipad.

                      Very frustrating and will probably dictate where I buy books from in future (ease of download versus cost)

                      If I end up with a solution I will post!

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                        sjpt Level 4

                        If you ever manage to get the Kobo registered with your AdobeID, you can then 'sideload' books onto the Kobo by copying from PC to Kobo using a file manager such as Windows Explorer.  You don't need the .acsm, just the .epub files.

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                          SuziWeb Level 1

                          Have tried this following your reply sjpt. thanks for the input but still no luck for me.

                          I'm on a Mac, may make a diff? the files on ADE point to the epub or pdf file in the digital editions file on the mac. when I tfr to Kobo via ADE the epub or pdf files appear to tfr over as the item info shows the file in volumes/KOBOereader/filename.epub (or.pdf) (the same as the other non DRM books I have). Book can be accessed via ADE but as soon as I try on reader, I get the same Oops not authorised message.

                          Its so frustrating! I've tried moving file to another directory, copying onto a USB then moving back to ADE, moving straight from USB to ereader - all end up with that same message.

                          Close to throwing the whole lot through window!!

                          the ereader and ADE are both under the same Adobe ID so I cant understand why they wont read.

                          Will keep trying!

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                            sjpt Level 4

                            Last couple of suggestions.  Both based on the fact that devices sometimes get half authorised/registered but somehow not quite correctly.


                            First is easier.

                            1. Start ADE with the Glo plugged in.
                            2. Hit cmd-shift-E to ADE.  This will remove the registration from the Glo.
                            3. Restart ADE.
                            4. Re-register the Glo with your AdobeID.


                            If that doesn't work, this is more awkward.

                            1. Deregister as above and end ADE
                            2. Look at the contents of the Glo showing up as an external drive, using the Mac file manager (browser or whatever it is called)
                            3. Make sure you are viewing hidden files and folders
                            4. Delete the folder with a name similar to '.adobe-digital-editions'
                            5. Restart ADE and reregister the Glo.

                            I have heard that step 3 is awkward on the Mac; one suggestion is at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-see-hidden-files-in-mac-os/

                            With luck, the first will have worked anyway ....

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                              In case persons following this thread didn't see my post earlier today on my own thread about problems I was having between Glo and ADE/ DRM content:


                              Before performing the factory reset and re-setting up your Glo from the factory reboot, FIRST un-install the Kobo Desktop application that's on your computer from your previous installation.


                              I didn't do this on my first re-setup, and that's when ADE stopping recognizing my Glo even though Windows could see it, and Glo had lost its Adobe authorization for DRM content.  However, on a hunch, I tried again after first uninstalling Kobo Desktop.  On the re-setup following the factory reset, I got a few rather different screens from Kobo Desktop during setup, even though when finished I discovered that it was the same version of Kobo Desktop as what I'd had before.  There may have been something corrupted in the Kobo Desktop from the first ("unclean") reinstallation, which might have been causing the ADE/DRM issues.


                              If all else fails, try this.  Uninstall Kobo Desktop from your computer.  Then do a factory reset on Glo.  Then re-setup Glo, which will result in an automatic reinstallation (this time a clean one) of Kobo Desktop. Then connect to ADE and authorize the Glo.  It worked for me.


                              Of course the factory reset will remove all e-books on your Glo and all your annotations, bookmarks, and bookshelves.  But you'll be able to get at your e-books again through ADE, after re-authorizing it (which should happen automatically when you open ADE after FIRST connecting your re-setup Glo to your computer).  It's a nuisance, but it will work, or it did for me.


                              other advice: once Glo is up and running, NEVER log off your Kobo account from your Glo settings menu (that's what triggered all my problems), no idea why it should be so problematic to do that but it was in my case.  And, if you buy content from Kobo's ebook site, don't use Kobo Desktop to sync or download the content to your Glo, go to your Purchased Items folder on your on-line Kobo account and install the book into ADE by running the link you get from the "Download epub drm" button next to the item in your Kobo account purchases list, and then drag it into the Kobo shelf in ADE after you've connected the Kobo to ADE.  It doesn't take any more time to do this (I found Kobo Desktop excruciatingly slow in syncing and updating new content anyway) and in my experience it's much more reliable to do the transfers via ADE, once you can connect to it.


                              Don't bother syncing content on multiple devices via Kobo website or apps, it was a nightmare between my Glo, Wifi and iPod app, and caused me far more grief than it was worth IMO.  If you want to sync bookmarks across devices, do it manually, not via Kobo's software; it's safer manually, and given the problems that I encountered, it would actually have taken me much less time and with more satisfactory results in the end.

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                                SuziWeb Level 1

                                Thanks sjpt! I seem to have hit pay dirt this time!

                                I tried the second option, the first not working again. I did have a problem reregistering the glo as ADE wasnt seeing it but after powering off and leaving for a few minutes before restarting that did the trick. I have tried one book so far and I can read it on the Glo!

                                I now have to clear out all the dead copies from when I've been trying but at least looks like success this time.

                                Thanks for your comments.

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                                  Was just about to embark on this suggestion and began first by uninstalling the kobo desktop already on my laptop. Instead of proceeding as outlined I went into my Adobe ID where the book I borrowed from my library was sitting. My glo e reader was connected and I right clicked the book and found I was able to send it to the reader. (previously this had been greyed out) Lo and behold there it was sitting in the glo ready to be read. So I didn't need to do a factory reset etc by which I would have lost a purchased book.  Hope this makes sense. Don't know why it worked but it seems to be connected to the uninstalling of the Kobo desktop set up and then re-trying the downloading of the library book from the laptop (authorised) computer.

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                                    Togo1518 Level 1

                                    Hi longvale1.  That is very interesting.  If you haven't already done so, I urge you to report this to Kobo customer support.  I've told them my experiences and some of my concerns about Kobo Desktop, and I've found their tech people very responsive, they told me they were passing my comments on to their software development team.  I think what you've found may help them to identify what the problem is with that very quirky and problematic Kobo Desktop software (which I find I have absolutely no need for once I've set up my Kobo Glo, I can do all the purchasing I need from the kobo.com website and install via Adobe Digital Editions; I haven't tried the wifi ordering on Glo yet so I don't know if that causes any problems).  I'm going to pass along your finding to my local public library, because I know the librarians are getting complaints from people who are having problems getting library DRM ePub books onto their Kobos.  When contacting Kobo support be sure to tell when whether you're on a Mac or a PC and what version of the operating system you're running, though I'd hope if you forgot that they'd ask.  But the people who answer emails or web queries aren't usually the tech support types and might not think to ask that.

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                                      hefinw Level 1

                                      Hi Togo 1518,     Thanks for your feedback.  Your mention of Libraries having complaints about Kobo.   That's ironic because I chose  a Kobo reader rather than a  Kindle because I had read the latter was incompatible with my local library here in Western' Australia, but Kobo was ok!!. I initially  tried to download the library book thru the Kobo wifi feature but I was unable to proceed to my Library's  login in page because there was no 'next'  button available on the screen. That's why I ended up downloading it onto my Kobo desktop with the ensuing problem!       So I don't know whether I might have some similar problem with purchasing a book from Kobo direct through the reader       .( Going on the net thru the reader is not a good experience. I find it's tortuous and a bit "gluggy" trying to type in necessary details.)

                                      I also  find the black "Connected and Charging" screen on the reader very disconcerting when I was trying to download the library book onto the reader from my laptop.  (PC running Windows 7 Home premium 64bit).  It basically doesn't tell u what's going on during the download process and one is left wondering until its disconnected and switched on whether the download was a success or not!!    However as you suggest I will pass on my experience along with the thread of the conversation with u to Kobo for them to work on.

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                                        Hi, did you sort out your prob? If so, how? I did the same as you - following the WA library info. I was previously OK downloading and opening ebooks, on a Laser EB720 (after a lot of probs) but now, on a new Kobo Touch, I continually get "Oops, can't open etc" after downloading books. With this Kobo Touch , I factory reset it and started again but no success with lots of ebooks, but I succeeded in downloading several ebooks from WA library on the Kobo which open OK, but still can't get around the file opening problem on Adobe - even the Adobe Digital Editions free sample books won't open, with message "Windows can't open etc etc", "Unknown File".

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                                          Manfred_Austria Level 1

                                          Hi, yes I solved it for myself.

                                          Please send me an email (look at my member area) and I will explain it.

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                                            hefinw Level 1

                                            Hi I thought I would try downloading a free sample edition from adobe -(Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) to see how I would go. I "Run" the file as opposed to saving it etc. I then transferred the file to the Adobe digital editions  2 program  Library. I highlighted it there and right clicked to send it to my kobo which was plugged into my laptop. It loaded fine.  I take it you have "authorised" your computer with Adobe. (See help in Digital Editions page)  I'm not sure of this but I don't think all e books need to be "authorised" for downloading?

                                            I haven't read "Manfreds" reply

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                                              G_J_A_22 Level 1

                                              Thanks. The Kobo is on hol for a week. When it comes back I will give it another go. Yes computer is auth. I have had no probs until recently.




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                                                hefinw Level 1

                                                "No probs until recently" makes me nervous.. I wonder if mine is going to play up like yours!!??

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                                                  I did a factory reset on my Kobo Touch when it froze completely and I also ended up uninstalling and reinstalling my Adobe Digital Editions app. I didn't need to reinstall it, it was working perfectly well but I was just bothered by the fact that my Adobe Digital ID had my old email address attached to it and I thought that reinstalling it would sync everything up.


                                                  This completely stuffed everything up for my library books that I had just downloaded and I got exactly the same 'Ooops' message and blacked out book covers as the original poster. After hours of reading forums and deauthorising, and trying to work out if there was a way to manually authorise my Adobe ID, I eventually signed out of my Kobo account on both the desktop app and under the Menu (3 parallel horizontal bars)>Settings>Account option on my Kobo Touch, closed down the Adobe Digital Editions app, signed out of my Adobe Digital Editions account.


                                                  Then I signed back into my Kobo account via the Kobo application and reopened my ADE application. When I did both these things, the Kobo app seemed to do additional things to complete my factory reset and the ADE app opened up with some additional messages, one of which was along the lines of "Authorising Adobe ID..." Hurrah! I have no idea what combination of things fixed it but my experience seems similar to other posters on this thread: software applications not installing completely. I have no idea if the problem was Kobo's or Adobe's or a mixture of the two, I'm just happy that I can read my library books.

                                                  So frustrating and confusing. Hope this helps someone, even though I can't exactly pin down the solution!!!

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                                                    hefinw Level 1

                                                    Hi.. glad to hear of your experience.  I suggest you forward it on to Adobe and Kobo for their information. They may even do something about these annoying glitches. I think your comment about software applications not installing properly is valid. Kobo doesn't seem to let you know what its doing in response to inputs. I wish they would program in a progress bar or some other indication of what it's doing.

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                                                      Shirltaylor Level 1

                                                      Yes it was extremely frustrating process to read any library books after the upgrade to Adobe Digital Editions 2.0.

                                                      Eventually it turned out that the process must have you sign out of the Kobo device Account under settings on the Kobo Device.

                                                      What we did was to remove all library books from the Kobo device and from the Adobe Digital Edition

                                                      Next was to sign out of the Kobo Device as well as the Kobo Desktop on the PC as well as exiting from Adobe Digital Edition.

                                                      Next was to start up Kobo Desktop and sign in.

                                                      Next was to connect the Kobo device to the USB port.

                                                      This resulted in the Kobo device being upgraded and Sync'd to the Kobo Desktop. Wait until the Sync is complete

                                                      Disconnect the Kobo device from the USB port

                                                      Next was to restart Adobe Digital Edition and using CTRL-SHIFT-D to deauthorize the computer and select Erase Authorization.

                                                      Next was to go back to Adobe Digital Edition, Help and Authorize Computer

                                                      Next was to reconnect the Kobo device to the USB port

                                                      Next was to select the Kobo device in the Adobe Digial Edition and Authorize the device

                                                      Next was to get a library book in the Adobe Digital Edition and then add it to the Kobo Device

                                                      Everything seems to be working from then on.


                                                      Have fun reading again

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                                                        Many thanks, after readind these suggestions I finally could enjoy my ebooks! I exactly did everything you indicated, and it nw it finally works!

                                                        I hope it will be easier next time!
                                                        Thnaks again!

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                                                          You are a genuis! Followed these directions exactly and for the first time since owning a kobo glo I successfully opened a library book on it. I was previously able to get the book onto Kobo but not open it, now I can read it!


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                                                            How did you contact Adobe support?  I have searched the entire website and cannot find a way to contact a real live person.

                                                            • 27. Re: Can't open DRM ebooks on Kobo Glo
                                                              Manfred_Austria Level 1

                                                              I got the answers over this forum.

                                                              Am 16.01.2014 04:28 schrieb "Scu11y" <forums_noreply@adobe.com>:


                                                                  Re: Can't open DRM ebooks on Kobo Glo  created by Scu11y<http://forums.adobe.com/people/Scu11y>in *Adobe

                                                              Digital Editions* - View the full discussion<http://forums.adobe.com/message/6017767#6017767


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                                                                sjpt Level 4

                                                                How did you contact Adobe support?  I have searched the entire website and cannot find a way to contact a real live person.

                                                                Adobe Live Chat: http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html,

                                                                or as a slight short cut try http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?product=digital-editions&topic=using-my-product-or-ser vice

                                                                Choose topic ‘'Signing into my Account' , and then click on 'I still need help';

                                                                then you should see 'Chat with an Agent' at the bottom of the page.

                                                                Depending on screen resolution, you may need to scroll down a bit to see the Chat with an Agent' bit, just under 'Ask our Experts'.

                                                                'Ask our experts' will indeed just lead you back to this forum.

                                                                Sometimes you will get ‘Sorry! All agents are busy— please check back soon.’

                                                                Don’t refresh the page, just hang on and it should eventually go to ‘Chat Now, and agent is available’.

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                                                                  Angel1989 Level 1

                                                                  Here are 2 solutions:


                                                                  1. Change another Adobe ID. Register a new Adobe ID that keep the same with your eBooks account email address.


                                                                  Then ADE can sync your books because they are the same ID.


                                                                  2. Remove Adobe DRM. Use a tool DRM Removal to remove adobe drm, then your books get free, you can copy them to your ereaders and even share books with your friends and families.



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                                                                    The 2 big issues are that Adobe instructions are usually useless and frequently wrong, and the KOBO software and UI is quite simply a disaster.


                                                                    The only software I know that is actually WORSE then I Tunes for Windows [and that's really BAD!].


                                                                    I also bought a KOBO so I could use Library books, but the process of getting a Library book onto the reader is torturous and unreliable.


                                                                    Kobo don't give a toss, and Adobe seem incapable of designing anything user friendly.


                                                                    Does anyone know of an alternative route software wise to get E Pub books onto and e -reader?



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                                                                      #cbh Level 1

                                                                      Sadly, the steps described above didn't work for me at all.

                                                                      I managed to chat to the Adobe Support people (thanks for the link above), who passed me on to technical support, who didn't really understand the issue, or the fact that a Kobo Aura is not a tablet, and have now told me to contact Kobo because they haven't got a clue.

                                                                      • 32. Re: Can't open DRM ebooks on Kobo Glo
                                                                        #cbh Level 1

                                                                        Kobo finally gave me a solution that worked for my device! It seems to be an Adobe version issue (nice of Adobe not to mention that or to make any effort to sort it out). I have now uninstalled everything (Kobo and ADE), done a Kobo factory reset, then installed ADE version 3.0 (from here: Download | Adobe Digital Editions Home), re-authorised everything, copied my book across, and lo and behold, I can now read it on the Kobo.


                                                                        What a faff, I shall disable any auto-update settings in ADE, otherwise I'll have the same problem again with the next update.


                                                                        Hope this helps.

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                                                                          Toby Topaz

                                                                          I struggled with this same problem for a long time.  Then I discovered that Kobo doesn't work with Adobe Digital Editions version 4.  I uninstalled ADE 4, deleted all the associated files from my Kobo, and downloaded ADE 3.0.  Everything now works perfectly.  Hope this helps some of you.  I know how frustrating it can be when all it needs is a simple warning that neither Kobo nor Adobe could be bothered to supply.

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                                                                            hi all. this is my first post. im having the same problems with my brand new kobo glo.if i download a library book i can read it on the computer  i can trans fair it to kobo but the kobo wont open it the message reads that the device is not authorized. i have tried resetting the kobo, i have uninstalled the kobo app off the computer and started again i have tried two older versions of ADR  the only thing i have noticed is that the adobe id,s ( the bit in brackets ) isn't the same for the computer and the kobo. one starts urn ( u r n )  the other starts um ( u m ) I think this may be the problem but i don't know how to correct it as the adobe id in brackets is created by program on the computer. i hope someone can resolve this as i only  bought the kobo so that i can read library books. thanks Andrea
                                                                            • 35. Re: Can't open DRM ebooks on Kobo Glo
                                                                              richjenn13 Level 1

                                                                              I wish it was that easy!


                                                                              I bought my Mum a Sony, cos i couldn't subject her to Kobo - but exactly the same issue. Now I have a KOBO, and she has a Sony, neither of which will sync with Adobe to download Library books


                                                                              The answer would be to find an alternative to Adobe DE - has anyone had any success in ditching this awful software?

                                                                              • 37. Re: Can't open DRM ebooks on Kobo Glo
                                                                                Spinner_is Level 1

                                                                                I may have solved the issue regarding Kobo’s inability to open DRM protected books from the library. Like everyone, I was pulling out my hair trying to solve this mystery. (Kobo truly offered no help at all..and the support person new absolutely nothing about Mac computers.)

                                                                                This should apply to both PC and Mac users. Note: I am using ADE 3.0


                                                                                These are the steps that worked for me.

                                                                                1)Connect Kobo to the computer

                                                                                2)Download your book from the public library (select EPub version)

                                                                                3)When download completes..open the file.

                                                                                4)ADE opens up - click on Library (top left corner of screen)

                                                                                5)Select your book from the right side and right click on it

                                                                                6)Select “Copy to Computer/Device>Kobo EReader” from dropdown menu

                                                                                7)When done...eject Kobo properly from computer. Wait till Kobo finishes processing         

                                                                                    before unplugging from computer. (Not sure if this is necessary...but works for me)

                                                                                8)Read your book and enjoy


                                                                                Hope this works for you..it did for me. At least give it a try before going through the whole reset option.


                                                                                Good Luck!!

                                                                                • 38. Re: Can't open DRM ebooks on Kobo Glo

                                                                                  KOBO told me the problem is that KOBO GLO will recognize ADE only up to version 3, it does not recognize current V4

                                                                                  have installed all 4 versions but am unable to differentiate. Reluctant to delete V4 simply to accommodate the odd book download.


                                                                                  How does one "authorize" ADE?

                                                                                  My attempt to download a book from my laptop to my KOBO was blocked with the message on my KOBO as follows - "Protected by ADR management - not currently authorized with Adobe ID. Please sign in with authorized ADOBE ID"


                                                                                  Thanks eh.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Can't open DRM ebooks on Kobo Glo
                                                                                    Spinner_is Level 1

                                                                                    When you connect your Kobo to the computer, open the ADE program. On the left side of the panel you should see your Kobo, and "Devices". (may take a few seconds)

                                                                                    Click on the wheel beside "Devices"…should have the option to authorize your Kobo.


                                                                                    Hope that helps

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