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    read external xml - network problem

    leoserra Level 2

      I'm finalizing a project that needs to retrieve weather information to display.

      There's a main movie, that loads another movie (wich is local). This last one gets xml information, from an external site. Localy this works fine, but when I put in a website, the network security warning appears.

      I tried to publish with network access, and local. I also changed that in the main movie. Triel allowdomain and it seems that it can't work.

      Any suggestions?

        • 1. read external xml - network problem

          its a cross-domain policy problem. If its impossible to put a crossdomain.xml file on the external site server, you will have to do a workaround like having a php file on your server that get and pass the information for you (data can be crunched somewhere on your server or being directly transfered between your app <- php adapter <- service provider).