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    PE 11 Quicktime Chapter Titles?


      I've been using iMovie, and just purchased PE 11 (Mac). In iMovie I can add chapter titles to a video, and when I export it to a Quicktime or m4v format, then open up the exported movie in the Quicktime Player, the chapter titles show up in a drop-down list.


      I'd like to do the same in PE 11, but I can't figure out how. I tried adding timeline markers and then specifying chapter information, but this doesn't show up in the exported Quicktime movie. I've done tons of web searches, but to no avail. Perhaps Adobe doesn't refer to them as "chapter titles"?


      Can someone please tell me how to accomplish this? Thanks.



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          dagware Level 1

          Never mind. As often happens, as soon as I posted the question, I discovered the answer.


          And the answer sucks. You apparently can't do this, with PE. I just wasted my money, because I need this feature. Sigh.



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            dagware Level 1

            Just to follow up for anyone else who might come across this issue. I found a free Mac program called "Metadata Hootenanny" at http://www.applesolutions.com/bantha/MH.html. One of the things it does is allow you to add chapter titles to any type of movie that Quicktime can read. This is not the perfect solution, but it's better than nothing.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Because QT Chapter Markers are specific to playback in QT Player, and the Chapter Markers in PrE are specific to DVD's and BD's, they will not translate - different types of Markers for different purposes, one will encounter what you observe.


              Thank you for posting the 3rd party utility, that WILL apply QT Chapter Markers to your output files. That info will help others in the future.


              Now, having the capability to add the QT Chapter Markers in PrE (just an additional type of Marker), would make a great feature request.


              Good luck,