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    Cannot insert popup

      Hello everyone,

      I have a separate glossary chm that I use for popup definitions in four other projects. Today I created a new entry in the glossary chm that I need to link to from the other projects. When I click the insert popup icon, the Link to arrow is 'read only' and does not let me access the glossary chm. I read RH's help and it says I can create a Text Link and then 'covert a text link to a popup by double-clicking on the link and selecting Display in auto-sizing popup'. Double-clicking the link brings up the hyperlink, but the Hyperlink Options are 'read only' and I cannot select the Display in auto-sizing popup option.


      1. RoboHelp HTML 6

      2. All of the projects are converted Winhelp projects.

      3. When I look at the URLs folder, all the links that were added after converting the Winhelp projects show relative paths, except for the one I added today, which is an absolute path. (I don't know if this is relevant or not.)

      4. The output folder is the same for all chm files, and it is outside of RH. (I don't know if this is relevant or not.)

      5. The glossary chm is included in the Baggage Files folder and a copy of it was added to the project folder after I created the link to it today. Which brings up another question. The most current version of all of the chm files will be in the output folder, so how do I keep any copies that are added to the project folder current?

      Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?