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    Flexbuilder 3 beta 2 - [Bindable] no longer binding

    maziak Level 1
      Hi there
      I have just installed Flexbuilder 3 beta 2 & recompiled an existing project that was working fine.
      The newly compiled project no longer detects binding.
      In my mxml I have various UIComponents (Buttons, Canvas, etc) that have properties (visible, enabled) bound to lectureStarted:
      public function get lectureStarted(): Boolean {
      return _lectureStarted;
      public function set lectureStarted(value: Boolean): void {
      _lectureStarted = value;
      These UIComponents don't reflect the chanage when this property is updated, which is done in the creationComplete event. I managed a small hack around this by setting the lectureStarted property in the preInitialize event.

      It's still strange that binding is not being picked up.