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    Robohelp HTML 5 Word 2002 Import problem

      I'm obviously a beginner and this is very basic but it's driving me crazy. Importing Word documents no longer works. I'm using Robohelp HTML 5 - Webhelp project, Windows XP, Office XP (Word 2002). Last month, importing a Word document worked fine (well after I cleaned up everything in Word first). NOW when I try to import a Word doc (with preserved headers, auto creating styles OR with nothing checked) I get a dialog box warning that says "Microsoft Word seems to not be responding. Would you like to continue waiting for a response?" Of course it never gets out of that loop. Word opens with a blank Document1 and "Converting *.doc" shows in the task bar. It doesn't lock up but it doesn't finish importing either.

      I've now reinstalled MS Office twice and Robohelp 4 times (I forgot to disable virus protection once, I didn't edit the RegEdit file first, and even tried with DSL modem turned off once.) Unfortunately I've done a few things since it did work properly. I've upgraded the RAM in my computer and I've obtained high speed DSL internet (yea!) ... neither of which should have caused problems. I'm not so sure about the adding of a Workgroup and trying unsuccessfully to set up a wireless network in-house for a laptop. And then ... drumroll ... there is the Pando thing. No programs installed but music and movies downloaded. I haven't uninstalled Pando because I believe it was working properly afterwards but not positive.

      Sorry to write a book. I've read countless posts but not finding what I need. Hope someone can help because I'm the only one in my very small company using Robohelp or trying to and I have no one to ask. Adobe won't support 2 versions back and from what I've read about Robohelp 7, I'm scared to upgrade. I appreciate any help!