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    Problem with Resource Module loading

      I'm trying to localize using loadable resource modules. I'm following the FlightReservation2 example where the resource module is specified in the html FlashVars attribute. I can successfully run the FlightReservation2 demo but when I run my project, using the same settings, I get the following exception. I build using mxmlc using the same command line as the FlightReservations2 demo.

      Any ideas?

      Error: Could not find resource bundle messaging
      at mx.resources::ResourceBundle$/getResourceBundle()
      at mx.utils::Translator$cinit()
      at global$init()
      at mx.messaging.messages::HTTPRequestMessage$cinit()
      at global$init()
      at _Neo_FlexInit$/init()
      at mx.managers::SystemManager/::docFrameHandler()