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    Tablet problems in Elements 10


      I installed photoshop elements 10 from my wacom eu account after I got a Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch, as this was a part of the purchase. The installation went painfree, and I have no issues using photoshop with my computer mouse or touchpad.


      However, when I connect my tablet, start photoshop elements and press down my pen to draw, what i do with my tablet dosen't synchronise on the screen and lags. Sometimes it dosen't draw at all. Photoshop also reacts as if i right clicked when I lift the pen in both cases. How do I solve this?

      I have the latest driver, I just installed everything a couple of days ago, I use windows 7.


      PS: I had a very similar prooblem after first installing ArtRage3, but I solved this by disabling Winpad in the preferences. I don't know if this is relevant, just as a note.





      when using mouse/touchpad, creates clean lines, works just fine



      when using my tablet, photoshop decided it didn't want to draw today after all