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    flash is moved 10px to the left




      I just made a flash-file (swf) with CS5.5 at a size of 800*800px.

      There are some texts that go really near the right border and some pictures at x-position =0.

      However, when I view it in the adobe flash viewer or the flash-plugin within firefox, there is a little margin on the left (about 10px) and also about 10px missing on the right.

      Is that a problem with my flash-player or did I set some settings wrong?

      I'm using WIndows 7 SP1 64 bit by the way.


      You can see the flas uploaded here (if you don't see a problem, it's likely my flash-player):



      By the way: I used a lot of pictures and made some resizes within the flash. Are they automatically optimized or do I need to resize them first before importing to not produce a high file-size?