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    Planning a New Editing System Build

    AVTechMan Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      New here to the forum but not to Adobe products. I started using Premeire back from version 6 so has been a long way since then. Anyway, I have CS5 and have been out of video editing for quite sometime, and am looking to get back into the world of video editing (and audio). Video has always been my passion and am believing to get get into this full time at some point in the near-future. Beats being a trucker that's for sure.


      But for now, I am planning a new computer build that will handle HD content (and AVCHD) with very little difficulty. I already built an XP AMD-based box a few months ago to handle the lower SD and DV-based stuff. For my new machine, I am going high end as where I would like this to last for a couple of years. I build my own machines so I do whatever research is needed to make sure I have what I will need at this point in time.


      Here is the pre-plan of the new build so far:


      Case: Coolermaster HAF 922

      Processor: i7 3930K Hex-core

      PSU: Seasonic Platinum 860w

      GPU: EVGA GTX 680

      MB: Asus Sabertooth x79 2011 socket Quad-channel board

      OS Drive: 128GB SSD

      RAM: 32GB Quad-Channel memory (haven't decided on brand yet)


      I know I will need separate hard drives to process video, scratch disks and renderings. I am also wondering if I would need RAID now or wait to upgrade later as my needs change. I'm currently saving up for this build as I have alot of HD and AVCHD material to process and of course my older systems can't handle it. My planned budget for this build is around $2000 (can raise if needed). I already have the case which i have had for awhile, just haven't got any guts in it yet! I gotta reteach myself and re-learn the editing techniques. In addition, I would also like to learn motion graphics using AE and perhaps learn animation. My new build may also serve as a DAW as well since I would like to get into composing music (instrumental) as well to add to my future video projects.


      I am also not sure whether to go single or dual-monitor setup. Lots of past study indicated that dual-monitor was the way to go as I formerly had with 2 CRT 18-inch monitors, but with many using flatscreens now I wonder if using a single, say 27-inch would suffice? Since color correction is important, would I need a seperate monitor just for that purpose?


      Any sugesstions and thoughts about this build would be appreciated! It probably wont be until around January or even February until I have enough saved up to do this build, and prices change all the time. So I will continue to do my research in the meantime and gather as much info as needed.