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    Disable check and auto-download

      I work in a locked down environment. Which is to say that the end users do not have admin rights to any location on their machines. I was given some legacy code that contains shockwave (dcr) files and the associated files. I am attempting to run these via a webserver. However, when the main HTML file launches to run the content, it attempts to download and install the newest version of the shockwave player. How do I disable this feature so it will run with the company approved version?

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          Hi Dwayne,

          Check out:

          From page - after foing to a sw page
          2 Windows: Right click the Shockwave movie.
          Macintosh: Control+click on the Shockwave movie.
          3 From the drop down menu choose "Properties".
          4 Uncheck the box next to "Automatic Update Service" to disable the auto update

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            If you need to disable the version check server side in the HTML container and if you have some background in HTML here’s a quick hack that might work although I haven’t personally tried it myself:

            1. In a scratch folder create a blank Director file with the same stage size as the legacy dcr. If you’re not sure about the stage size get the info from the <object> and/or <embed> tags in the original HTML container.

            2. Under the publish settings check HTML, click the shockwave tab and lower the requirement to the approved version, then click the HTML tab and select a template that does not perform a version check … I think the default shockwave template will work. Then click publish.

            3. Copy the HTML container from step 2 into the same folder as the live DCR and check to see if updates are still requested. You might have to tweak some of the paths in the HTML to make sure everything points where it should.

            If step 3 works you have two choices, copy the non-shockwave HTML content from the original to the new container, or copy the <object><embed> block from the new container and paste it into the original HTML. If you take the second option make sure there are no VBscripts that might also force a plug-in update.

            - Bob