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    Missing file messages on a trial AE download


      I downloaded the free version of After Effects and I don't have any other Adobe programs.  When I tried to open up a AE project from VideoHive, it gave me these messages.


      1) this project  must be converted from 9.0.3 (windows) ....


      2) the following text layers are missing:

      Text layer font 1

      Text layer font 2


      3) After effects warning: 17 files are missing after you last saved this project.


      Can anyone tell me why this is happening?


      This project was listed as only needing After Effects, do I need more software or what?


      thanks and appreciate any help.


      Pat Klassen

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          The project was originally created in AE CS4, you do not have the fonts on your system that it uses and you did not download the footage files it needs or placed them in a different location. Everything perfectly normal within how AE is supposed to work under such conditions. Since you pretty obviously know literally nothing about this stuff (no offense), I strongly suggest to start here:


          Getting started with After Effects



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            VideoDrawings Level 1

            Thanks, I figured It out on my own...you would think that it would open up all the files when opening a project.

            Once I moved the files out of the zip folder and then opened it up everything worked.


            Why not include a some information explainingn  this problem?  I can see how this would turn NEWBIE off.



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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What information are you saying would be useful? The fact that, if a template uses footage, you need the footage? Are you wanting After Effects or VideoHive tell you that? Because they both have documentation that explains such things.


              Anyway, you should definitely go through the resources Mylenium linked you to. After Effects is a very powerful program and, as such, is not something you can just pick up and intuitively use. You MUST get a foundation in the basics or you will become very frustrated, very quickly.

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