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    Multiple Reloading - Urgent

    Keiko Level 1

      Dear all,

      I have encountered a reloading problem, maybe your application also has the same problem but you didn't notice it. I am using CF8, IIS on XP and Firefox / IE.

      This problem occurs when you save the below code in your main page and try to run it (main page is the default page of IIS, e.g. index.cfm) and you run it by calling only the root, for instance (

      But if you call it manually (e.g. main.cfm) and main.cfm is not the default IIS page, then it is ok (for instance: As long as it is the default page, then it has a problem. Or a page that is called by the default page using cflocation or cfinclude also has the same problem.

      I have traced, the problem with the showing image on the cfgrid. When you run this code, the page will reload a few times. You can trace it by looking at your log file.

      Anyone can help me to solve this issue?

      Thanks in advance

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------
      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

      <cflog file="test" text="this text will appear a few copies">

      <cfform name="frmTest" format="flash" width="580" height="621">

      <cfset qryTest = QueryNew("Test_Photo, Test_Name", "varchar, varchar")>
      <cfset newRow = QueryAddRow(qryTest, 1)>
      <cfset temp = QuerySetCell(qryTest, "Test_Photo", 'banners/sample1.jpg', 1)>
      <cfset temp = QuerySetCell(qryTest, "Test_Name", "Mike", 1)>

      <cfgrid name = "grdTest" query="qryTest">
      <cfgridcolumn name = "Test_Photo" type="image" width="75">
      <cfgridcolumn name = "Test_Name">


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------