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    Feature Request: Consistently Intelligent Font Lists across all CS Program

    PierreLouisBeranek Level 1

      Current Problems/Inconsistencies in Font Lists + Suggested Solutions:



      Premiere Pro (PP): 16 (too few!)

      AE: 19 (too few!)

      Photoshop: 40 (adequate)

      Illustrator: auto-maximizing (displays as many fonts as screen supports, 50 on a 1920x1080 monitor)

      *SOLUTION: Make all font lists auto-maximizing like Illustrator!



      PP: Yes (6 user-defined characters previewed next to font names)

      AE: No previews

      Photoshop: Yes ('Sample' displayed in each font, but too small for comfortable viewing)

      Illustrator: Yes (Each font name is displayed in actual font, but this makes it inconvenient to know the name of 'Dingbat' fonts.)

      *SOLUTION: Make all font lists display font names in left column, with 'Sample' displayed in the actual fonts to the right.  When users select any text, replace 'Sample' with the first 1-30 selected characters for instant previewing in all available fonts (e.g. selecting the '&' character would display '&' in all available fonts for instant comparison). Also make font lists resizable with a horizontal zoom bar at top of list to ensure comfortable viewing for everyone.



      PP & AE: Yes

      Photoshop: Yes (perfect size and color scheme for best visibility)

      Illustrator: No (current scrolling method is frustratingly slow!)

      *SOLUTION: Add a Photoshop style scroll bar to each font list for best visibility/usability.



      PP & AE: Yes, by arrow-keying up/down in both the font fields and font lists

      Photoshop & Illustrator: Only from the font fields. Highlighting fonts with the arrow keys in the font lists doesn't result in font visualizing.

      *SOLUTION: Allow PREVIEWING of fonts by arrow-keying up/down in font fields and font lists in all CS programs.  I emphasize 'previewing' instead of 'selecting', since previewing fonts avoids the problem of unnecessary undos being created for each font visualized with the arrow keys. (Note: Arrow-scrolling through the font field in Photoshop's Options bar works as I suggest, by 'previewing' each font without creating unnecessary undos.  Unfortunately, arrow-scrolling through the font field in Photoshop's Character panel does create useless "Set Character Style" History states for every visualized font.  This kind of inconsistency even within a single program is crazy!)




      CS programs are all part of the same family, and should therefore behave as such with consistently intelligent tools.  This includes font lists with a consistently intelligent design.


      Please comment and share!  Let's get these glaring font list inconsistencies finally fixed!