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    Login Security

    TheScarecrow Level 1
      If I have an index page at the root level of my site that loads in the login.cfm which is in a secure folder (SSL) does that mean that any login information is transmitted securely? If not how can I do this? Thanks
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          SafariTECH Level 1
          As long as the page and subsequent function scripts are running in an SSL layer (HTTPS), yes the connection between browser and server is encrypted.

          There are different levels of encryption, so depending on the level the connection is either pretty secure - to - really good security.

          Make sure the page can not be accessed without SSL (HTTP) however, before releasing it to the general public.

          also, make sure that no pages can be loaded from beyond the login page w/o login or SSL either, otherwise you are only secure in connection, and not in actual content provision.