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    Optimizing performance for integrated graphics


      Hello Adobe Community! I'm new to the Production Premium suite and advanced video editing in general, so try to go easy on me. My laptop has lame graphics, so I'd like to know what settings could offload its use to the more powerful  CPU (Specs: Thinkpad X201 tablet, 4GB RAM, Core i7 640LM with GMA HD graphics, 128GB SSD). Basic cutting and  sound editing work smoothly, but video gets choppy once effects and color correction are added until I encode it.


      A few questions:


      What settings work best across the Production Premium suite to accomidate bad GPUs?


      Are there advantages to using SpeedGrade over the Premiere color correction tools with integrated graphics? I didn't install it because a dedicated video card was a requirement.


      Is it worth installing Encore for use on the road if the files have to be transfered to a desktop for burning?


      Any good resources for learning how to use all this stuff?