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    Looking for a better resource to get a handle on using effects in after effects (CS6 BTW)

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      Hello thanks for looking in,

      I would like to get better control over Zooming. The Zooming I found in AE did not function when

      dragged it into my effects controller...Is the only Zoom control really the "Scale" as found in Prem-Pro?

      I could not find it in AE. I wanted to zoom over the shoulder of my actor and concentrate on what my Actor is looking at/pointing at. I could not find where that effect is at in AE.


      If you know of a couple good tutorials to watch that show how to control the effecst in After-Effects it would be welcomed and appreciated. If you know the specific path to use to pan and

      zoom for my desired shot mentioned, that too would be appreciated. One other ? I skimmed through "Creative Cow" but there are many videos and after watching a couple that were titled what

      I want, were not what I was looking for. Spent an hour plus surfing before I came here to ask.


      Are some of the effects only applicable to one or the other? IE: Movies or stills? If so is there a

      manual that states what can be used with what? I tried dragging some of the effects into my effects area and they would not populate. IE: Zoom Forward. Only used for Text?


      Thanks for your time with this in advance.