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    Color Picker Stuck- help needed


      I'm currently using CS5. All of a sudden my color picker from the main tools panel won't work. When I double click the fill/stroke boxes the color window opens up rather than the normal color picker window. I can change the color through the color window but not through the color picker. If this helps, I can swap the fill/stroke color, "none"(/) the fill/stroke, and turn it into a gradient through the tools panel.

      I just updated CS5.

      Any input helps.




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          Just so I am understanding what is happening,  when you double click the fill/stroke icon in the tool bar you get the Color window and shown in my picture below and not the color picker or are you getting the color picker that looks like the color window as shown below?




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            Elliot.Schneider Level 1

            The Color Picker doesn't come up for me. When I click on the fill/stroke in tools the Color Window pops up, not the Color Picker.

            After playing around with it more, I figured out that the Color Picker will appear after double clicking about 7-10 times.

            I hope that helps.



            Also, the Color Picker won't come up when I'm trying to change the color of a gradient.


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              I'm having the same problem! My color picker wont pop up unless I click like 25 times.

              Were you able to fix yours?


              I just realized what my problem was... my husband set my mouse's double click speed to the fastest setting and forgot to tell me.

              Now that i set it to slowest speed it works fine.