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    Color code

    Dongwook, Kwon
      I like Kuler very much.

      I wonder how can I get color code directly like #343455 in ColourLovers.com
      Because most of case, I just want to have that color code instead of ase file.

      I know if I go to change mode, I can get a code, but I don't know to change original colors.
      And every time when I go back to previous menu, it load color list again.
      It's really painful.

      Is there any way to get color code easily and quick from main screen?

      Thanks lots in advance.
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hello, thank you for writing. At this time, if you are looking at a theme you like, the only way to get color values on the kuler website is through the Edit function.

          Depending on how you find themes: If you have the kuler desktop, you can view the top 20 highest rated, newest, and most popular themes, as well as browse and search, and copy/paste Hex values by hitting the # key for the selected theme. You will need to install the AIR runtime first.