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    Bundle not find in AS project

      Hi everyone !

      I'm trying to localize an ActionScript project, but it fails...

      I've got the error :


      Error: Could not find resource bundle application
      at mx.resources::ResourceBundle$/getResourceBundle()[E:\dev\flex\sdk\frameworks\projects\fra mework\src\mx\resources\ResourceBundle.as:122]

      But if I switch Flex 3 M3 SDK to Flex 2 SDK, it works fine...

      I also try to deal with ResourceManager, but no locale and no bundle are found.

      This seems to occur only with AS project. I try to do the same with a Flex project and everything is ok.

      Does anyone already have this problem ?


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          Ivascu Cristian Level 1

          Are you using the runtime localization strateges that have been added into Flex 3 (see http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Flex_3:Feature_Introductions:_Runtime_Localization) or the same way it was done in Flex 2?
          Can you provide a simple piece of code that fails, or more detailed reproduction steps and log a bug report on this?

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            akewea Level 1
            Well, I tried many strategies, in fact... ;)

            But the one tha work with Flex 2 SDK is


            package {
            import flash.display.Sprite;
            import mx.resources.ResourceBundle;

            public class TestApp extends Sprite {

            private var i18n:ResourceBundle;

            public function TestApp ()



            With this class as my Application (very simple) and Flex 2 SDK, it works fine; If I choose Flex 3 M3 SDK, I've got the error above...

            With de ResourceManager (and Flex 3 SDK, of course), there no errors. But ResourceManager instance has no bundle and no locale...

            Is this a Flex 3 bug ?

            Thanks for your help.