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    Premiere Pro CS6: Project Panel Search Disabled When Media is Not on System Drive



      I'm new to Premiere Pro CS6. It's awesome!

      I have some media I use in a project that is stored on another internal hard drive. This is a secondary 1TB drive.

      I started to notice pretty quickly that the Project Panel search is disabled for assets residing on this secondary drive.

      As a test I linked to some media on my Macintosh HD (root drive). The Project Panel Search was available during this test.

      When not available, the Project Panel Search is dimmed. No errors or other feedback.


      Is there something I can do to enable Project Panel search for media which is kept off my Macintosh HD? I would prefer to keep my work files on my secondary drive.



      MacPro (Mid 2010)

      Mac OS 10.7.5

      24 GB RAM

      1x2TB and 1x1TB hard drives


      Thanks in advance.