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    CS6 Project Manager - Copying Files not advancing



      I am about to travel to Europe and I need to bring a CS6 project with me to continue editing on a laptop.


      I choosed "Collect Files and Copy to New Location". Project Manager analyzed the project and started the copying process, although the bar is not advancing and it is now 1h that is stuck at the sasme point.

      The external hard drive tha I am using to export the managed project looks like is writing, but in the project manager window the bar is not advancing.

      The project I am exporting is a full lenght film, and I cannot use the OSX finder to manually create a managed project due to its complexity.


      Here some details about the project:


      -Premiere CS6 is running on a 12cores Mac Pro, 64Gb Ram with 6TB internal raid

      -The external hard drive I am copying the managed project into is a 2TB Glyph e-Sata hard drive (currently showing signs of writing data)

      -The size of the managed project (including 3 sequences) is about 500GB

      -I choosed the option to collect files and Copy to New Location (Glyph Drive)

      -The footage is a mixed timeline of 4K Red and 5K Epic r3d files


      I already tried to abort the process and start ober again, several times but I always end up looking at the Project manager copying files without advancing.


      Any idea?

      I have a flight in 8h and I cannot leave without this project.