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    How to delete file from Acrobat.com?


      I uploaded two identical PDF files to Acrobat.com, now I want to delete one. How? There is no way to rename those files, no way to delete them... No way even to sort them into folders! After 20 files this section (Acrobat.com) becomes a jungle. Don't want to use it anymore. Better please add iCloud and Dropbox support.

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          I too would like to know if there is a way manage the documents in the Adobe.com cloud, AND is there a way to access this cloud from a PC?



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            Shradha Budhiraja Adobe Employee

            Hi Guntis,


            You can manage your files on the Acrobat.com cloud by accessing it in a web browser at https://files.acrobat.com. The  web client supports all file management operations, including delete, rename and folder organization. We are still working on providing this capability in the mobile version and hope to bring it out in future updates. Until then, the web client can help you clear up your Acrobat.com space.




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              fernseeds Level 1

              Thank you, Shradha. This was most helpful!

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                I still cant see what to do  to delete after I get to that site.  HELP

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                  If there's anyone out there still challenged by this issue, I just figured it out. It may not be the most elegant solution but at least it works! I am using a Dell PC running Windows 8.1. I'm going to explain this as if you were really not computer savvy at all, I hope.


                  The first thing to look into is where the file entered your system. If you downloaded it from someone who sent it in an email, it's really easy to get rid of it, IF it is still in your 'downloads' file (you may have downloads in more than one place so check all of them). I went to 'this PC' in File Explorer (the icon that is a picture of a file folder standing upright in a rack) and double clicked on the 'downloads' folder. There were several files I could see right away that were Acrobat Reader because they have the Reader icon to the left (the white 'book' on the red background: easy to see). I deleted some right way by right clicking and choosing 'delete'! So easy? I had to open some to see what was in them (if you open one make sure you close it before you try to delete, or it won't let you).


                  A bit more complicated method is to find one of your Reader files; choose the one you want to delete or another that comes up from somewhere in your computer. Open it in Reader, right click on it and look for a '+' sign inside a circle, in the upper right corner. Click on that symbol and all your Reader files will show up on the screen! I had no idea there were so many out there. Scroll across to the right to see all of them. When you find the one you want to delete, open it; then look to the lower left corner and there is the Trash can, marked 'Remove.' A single click and it's gone (at least, I hope so)! Good luck.