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    Activation server error


      Having a problem with Adobe Digital Edition.  Trying to authorize either the computer or the device (Kobo mini eReader) and I enter my valid email and password (I know it works because I logged into Adobe with it) and it comes back with Activation server error code E_AUTH_NOT_READY.  Someone suggested that the server at Adobe was busy but some people with this problem have beedn getting this error for days - mine for hours.  I am so frustrated because I can't get an answer from Adobe without phoning their tech support line and paying for it (because the Adobe Digital Edition is free software) and I spoke to Kobo tech support and they finally admitted they wouldn't help me as the book was from a public library and not one of their purchased ones.  I have two kids with brand new Kobo readers without the ability to use them.  I have seen discussions on this subject but either without an answer or one I tried (but didn't totally understand) and it didn't work.  HELP!!


      ps could it be that my Kobo account is with one of my email addresses and my Adobe is with another??