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    flex 4.6 sqlite  Multiple insert from list...




      i'm wirte this code:


      private function createNewPlaylist():void{

                                              var stat:SQLStatement = new SQLStatement();

                                              stat.sqlConnection = connection;


                                              stat.text = "INSERT INTO playlist (nome, base, testo, lista) value(@nome, @base, @testo, @lista)";

        stat.parameters["@nome"] = listaDatasong.selectedItem.nome;

                                              stat.parameters["@base"] = listaDatasong.selectedItem.base;

                                              stat.parameters["@testo"] = listaDatasong.selectedItem.testo;

                                              stat.parameters["@lista"] = listaCombo.selectedItem.combo;

                                              stat.execute(-1, new Responder(selectItemsPlaylist));




      with this code i can insert a row at a time.....


      i want insert all select rows from "listaDatasong"....


      how to do???


      help me please!!!!