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    CS6 multicam question

    UlfLaursen Level 2



      I am on PPRO CS6.03 on windows 7 and have a question regarding multicam.


      I just finished watching the multicam section on the training at lynda.com, but it leaves me with one question though.


      I saw how to select the primary angle, and that PPRO would use the audio from that angle to cover the whole edit.


      That is ok, but what now if I f.ex. do a concert edit, where I have a separate recording from the soundboard to my audio recorder device, and I want to use this audio for the whole edit?


      How do I chose this instead?





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          needles27 Level 3

          After you create your multicam clip, right click on it and select "Open in Timeline."  This will open a timeline with your stacked video tracks and any audio tracks that are synced up.  Here, you can add in your second source audio and sync it with the video track.  Whatever audio track you have with an active output (The speaker icon is on) will be the one that goes with your multicam edit.  So, just mute every other audio track except your external audio source and hop back to your multicam edit.  You can also do audio editing here in this timeline - such as applying effects or level adjustments - and that will be refelected in your multicam edit.

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            UlfLaursen Level 2

            Thanks a lot :)