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    URL for opening presentation on iPad

    Andreas Prang



      with Adobe Presenter 8 and Presenter Mobile presentations now can be opened on iPad's.


      Our problem is the correct URL to open the presentation out of a web site or mail.

      The URL should start with: adobe://adobepresenter?<...>


      Does anybody know the korrect URL syntax to open Presenter Mobile on iPad andd commit the presentation URL?


      Our URL is: http://www.start-check.com/faf/wirtschaftslehre


      Best regards,

      Andreas Prang

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          NWNITT49 Level 1

          Is your Adobe Connect hosted or on-premise? If on premises, does the application run behind a firewall. Ours is on premise and this is what I needed to do to access with my iPad. This was done from my home with a wireless internet connection.

          I had to first VPN into our company network otherwise I cannot access a URL inside our Firewall. Once I had VPNed using AnyConnect for iPad, I copied the URL and typed it into the iPad for Presenter Mobile, ours looks something like https://elearning.... Once I did this I connected and it opened and played fine.

          I can only speak for an on-premise deployment.

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            Mukul_Adobe Adobe Employee

            Hello Andreas,


            The URL you have mentioned looks fine.



            We tried the same URL on our iPad setups and it worked fine. Presentation loaded and played properly.


            Can you please tell us how are you trying to load the URL in the app? Are you tping it in the app URL box? or clicking the link from a browser or email etc?




            Adobe Presenter Engg.  Team