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    Migrating a Big Website to Day CQ

    Prem Pratick Kumar

      Hi All,


      We all are doing a POC for migrating a Website from Teamsite to Day CQ.


      - Website is having 1 TB+ Data (50,000 Content Pages + Assets)

      - Current CMS is having 500+ Author's/Users.

      - More than 500 Pages are edited/Published daily.

      - Number of Assets(Images/Pdf) etc are more

      - We will be using Akamai for front end.

      - Site will be Multilingual. Translation is not required as every region has their own author's.


      I have the below doubt's

      - What should be the Hardware suited for this requirement.

      - Linux or Windows Server.


      What would be the ideal design for the same.





      Prem Pratick Kumar