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    Type is poor quality


      I've been using Adobe PS CS4 for some time now without any problems.  The type on a new design is very poor all of a sudden.  Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot or fix this?  Thanks

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          conroy Level 5

          "Very poor" could mean numerous possible things to each reader. Please post a screenshot and explain what aspect of the type is poor in your opinion.

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            jahmanwife@hotmail.com Level 1

            The first image is the poor quality type.  You see the words are jagged with shadowing.  There are no effects on this one. I've done other small type work before which did not seem to have this problem.  Nothing with my settings have been changed so I'm not sure why this is so poor as oppossed to the jpg below that I did just the day before. 

            THANKS for your help!


            20121229.jpgpoor quality


            puppy.jpggood quality

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              conroy Level 5

              The small type is suffering from the 72 ppi resolution of the image. It's not possible to look much clearer when so few pixels are available to each letter. Increasing the size by a point might make a reasonable improvement. Most of the captions appear to have a definite drop shadow. The ones which clearly don't have a shadow are #3948, #3932, #3958.

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                conroy Level 5

                Here's your image with an alternative font that's slightly clearer, in my opinion. Note that Ps CS6 uses gamma 1.45 for type blending by default (and used in this example), which affects the anti-aliasing. I'm not familiar with CS4.



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                  jahmanwife@hotmail.com Level 1

                  Thank you for taking time to response.  I did do a drop shadow on a couple of the tags for the dogs.  I do see an improvement with the font type that you used.  So I will try this one instead.  I don't know anything about the gamma setting is PS CS4.  Maybe someone can tell me how to apply this if it's available and if it will help.


                  I ended up thinking about this on my own and realized it must have been the 72 resolution so I changed it to 120 and made the image just a little smaller to make it fit the FB cover page.  It looked better then what I sent to you above.  Here's how it looks now.  Different sweethearts needing homes.  I think it looks better.







                  THANKS again and Happy New Year to you!

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                    conroy Level 5

                    Note that the resolution value (ppi) is of no consequence when an image is displayed on the Web. Anyway, the type is significantly more legible in your new image. Best of luck to you and the animals!

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                      Level 7

                      Gamma correction for type blending was added in CS6, and is not available in CS4.

                      (aka: the type is clearer in CS6)


                      But your major problem is using small type and a font that is not readable at that small size.

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                        jahmanwife@hotmail.com Level 1

                        Thank you Chris for this explanation.  I think I'm okay for now.  I really appreciate everyone's help here.

                        Ha ... small areas do need small type sometimes.  A friend talks to me about Vector type being better. 

                        As you can see I just get by with what I do here.  So, I have no idea what that's about. 


                        Anyway .... I hope everyone has a very happy, healthy, prosperous New Year.


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