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    Giving up on FW CS6. Import slices into PS or Ai?


      I've given up using FW since I can't select or deselect with the pointer nor do I see a great option for exporting to @2x retina (maybe someone has a better way to do this than creating a duplicate doc)? It's taking me hours to do something that should take minutes.


      I have a couple legacy documents that contain about 100 slices each for some mobile icons that i periodically have to update or add to. They are carefully named so that the mobile app database can call them by doing a query and display them.


      I'm hoping someone has a way to bring my FW file into PS or AI and maintain the slices and their names. All my icons are vector and their is only one state. PS would be prefered so I can use slicly.


      I've already read the forum about media software preventing selection of elements. That's not the case for me.


      Thanks for any help you can offer.

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          groove25 Level 4

          Have you tried converting the file from within Fireworks, using File > Save As... and choosing Photoshop PSD? It seems to work better than simply opening up the Fireworks PNG directly in Photoshop. The slice names aren't immediately visible in Photoshop, but if you choose the Slice Select Tool and double-click on a slice, the Slice Options dialog appears and reveals the original slice name.


          For quickly resizing an entire document in Fireworks, I'd try Modify > Canvas > Image Size. It should work especially well with vectors and handles slices, too. For bitmaps, keep in mind that Symbols can maintain the original resolution of an object much like Smart Objects in Photoshop. So if you knew you were creating something to be scaled up to 200%, you could try defining any bitmaps as Symbols and scaling them down 50% on the canvas. Then when you resized to 200%, they'd be rendered at their original resolution.