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    Adding user interaction to After Effects - export to Flash?


      Hello all!


      Im quite new to After Effects & have CS6 Master Collection.


      I would like to create several "one screen" landscapes the user can have basic interactivity with - probably via first person "point & click", with the ability to click & drag or examine objects.

      I appreciate I can do this wholly in Flash, but would like to make use of After Effects flexibility with 3D layers & Cameras (in addition to particle effects).

      I wondered what is the best method of doing this? Should I create the main landscape with constant animations such as ocean's, skies/clouds, snow, rain etc in After Effects & then;


      a) render as FLV (I dont want an FLV componant in Flash though)

      b) Simply save as a SWF & use that as the background layer for my Flash object interactivity & buttons etc.


      Ive googled for tutorials but not having any joy - all advice most welcome!

      Many thanks,


      scotia mccombie

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You can't do any interaction work  in After Effects. After Effects is just used to make the videos themselves, which you use as sources in Flash.


          You absolutely do not want to use SWF files exported from After Effects. Except for plain text layers and masked solids, everything else is rasterized into very large image bitmap images.


          Export F4V files from After Effects (or FLV if you need an alpha channel) and link to those from the SWF that you make in Flash.