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    How can I add frames to everything?

    nilesthespinach Level 1

      I just started using Flash and I'm messing around with trying to make animations and add audio. I'm at a spot where some of the audio I'm using goes too long and cuts into other parts that I don't want it in. So I tried adding frames to one layer and all of the layers to try making it work out, but everything just ends up smooshed together. So is there a way I can increase the time one layer is on the screen and push all of the other layers down the same amount of frames? Is it something easy I just didn't think about?


      Sorry if this question is kind of confusing, I don't know if I have the grasp of the terminology yet to properly explain what I mean.


      Thanks a lot!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In what way are you trying to add the frames.  You can select a section of the timeline (all layers if desired) then right click the selection and choose Insert Frames... I can't tell if that is what you've already tried.

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            nilesthespinach Level 1

            Yes, I tried selecting all layers and inserting blank frames, key frames but for some reason when i do it that way, other layers pop up and they begin to smoosh together making a scribbly mess. Should I only be inserting frames for layers above the part I'm trying to add frames too?


            Like I said, I'm just starting Flash so I'm still not sure what I'm even talking about, so sorry if I'm making this difficult

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Here's the good news... you're trying things, which is the best way to discover how things work (and how they don't work).  Don't be afraid to... if you fear you might ruin progress so far, save a copy of the file you can revert to. 


              As far as inserting frames, you probably don't want to be adding keyframes if the intention is to extend existing stuff along the timeline or to add time into the middle somewhere.  Just use Insert Frame from the right click menu.  Using that will insert as many frames as you have selected.


              And it is always possible that I am misreading what you are trying to do.

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                nilesthespinach Level 1

                Well thanks for the uplifting comment, I like to mess around and see how things work, but because of that I often miss fundamental things about what I'm doing.


                You're definitely read what I want to do correctly. I'll try being more specific, say I have a face talking, and the audio I recorded for the line went longer than I anticipated and it carries over to say another face talking. I want to extend how long the first face is on the stage and push everything else after it down X amount of frames to fit in the audio.


                I've been using Insert Frame which extends my face but then causes the first face to spread over to the second face and they both appear at the same time, which I don't want. I've tried highlighting all of the layers and using Insert Frame to attempt to push the whole scene down, but that just makes everything eventually appear together as everything loses alignment.


                I'm fine Inserting frames individually, I was just wondering if there was a way to add X frames to face 1 while pushing the rest of the scene down X frames as well.


                Hopefully, that's more clear, and maybe I am doing it right and just need to fix other mistakes.


                Either way, thanks for being so helpful.

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                  Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You should be able to select all the layers in the area where the first face is (which will include layers for the second face that is somewhere down the timeline) and insert frames all at once.  If there is a section where you can select a number of frames between keyframes, that is where you want to operate.  You shouldn't include keyframes in the middle of the selection.


                  Another way you could consider doing this is to make each face a self-contained movieclip so that on the timeline where the sound is you only have the one frame/layer for that face that you need to deal with.


                  You should be able to copy the frames/layers for the first face into a movieclip fairly easily, and the same for the second.  Once you have the frames copied, choose Insert -> new symbol -> Movieclip -> OK (or something like that), and when it opens the movieclip for editing, just select the first frame on its only layer, right click it and choose Paste Frames.  That will plant all of the frames and layers you copied into the movieclip timeline.

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                    nilesthespinach Level 1

                    Just wanted to thank you for the help. I was a bit busy but what you told me was correct and though I'm convinced that's what I was doing before I posted this thread, it's obvious I was doing something wrong. But everything is working out, now I just have to build my animation chops.


                    Thanks a lot for all the help, and if you know of any websites/videos that really help out, I'd appreciate it.


                    But again, thank you very much.