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    Why do my Video Assets "pulsate" in and out of focus?


      Firstly - I am using a new PC and although familiar with Premiere Pro 2.0 I have now upgraded to 5.5 so I am hoping that I am doing something a bit dim!

      The last two projects I have burned to disc have a strange pulsating glitch. I first noticed it on a finished disc which I projected onto a screen. The effect was very noticeable when looking at text or anything with a straight or curved, fine outline. When focusing on the text/line it appears to move up and down albeit by a minute amount giving the appearance of going in and out of focus. It does this at a very regular pulse at one second increments and it is really weird.  The strange thing is that any titles I have created are not affected by the phenomenon. It has occurred both with Std DV and HDV Please can you help?