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    Having issue with multiple widgets in iBook




      Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I built an iBook which contains 2 html widgets built in Adobe Edge. This issue I am having is that once I open one of the widgets within the iBook and watch it through to the end or even close it out in the middle and then proceed to open the second html widget the second widget opens but then freezes. It looks like it stops on the first couple frames of the timeline. If I open the iBook and do the reverse by opening the second widget first it will play to the end normal but if I then go to the first widget and open it the widget freezes as well. So it seems that it does the same thing vice versa once I open either of the widgets the next none freezes.


      Wondering if this is a javascript runtime issue with the timelines? I have tried a bunch of different testing but can't seem to get it to work. I loaded a widget built using Canvas and that one seems to work fine with one of the widgets built in Edge. I can't get the 2 widgets built in Edge though to both play. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks much.