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    How do I fix the Photoshop clipboard bug in CS6?

    Sarah Northway Level 1

      This bug has been in Photoshop for as long as I can remember: Photoshop keeps it's own clipboard and needs to be constantly alt-tabbed out to force it to pull images in from the Windows 7 clipboard, for example when taking a series of screenshots. There may have once been a workaround using the AlwaysImportClipboard registry setting (http://www.pixelbath.com/2010/10/fix-the-photoshop-clipboard-all-versions/) but that doesn't seem to work with CS6, if it ever did.


      Since it seems Adobe is never going to fix this, does anyone have a more recent workaround?


      To recreate the bug:

      - take a screenshot using printscreen button

      - start photoshop CS6

      - new file

      - paste (works)

      - alt-tab to another app

      - take a second screenshot using printscreen button

      - alt-tab to photoshop

      - paste (BUG - pastes the same screenshot as before)

      - alt-tab to another app

      - alt-tab to photoshop

      - paste (works - pastes the second screenshot)