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    Another CS6 Hard Drive Thread...


      I hate to do this... because it has been covered A LOT, but I wanted to toss out a drive configuration I am thinking about buying.


      sata 6gb

      1: 180GB SSD (os/apps)

      2: 180GB SSD (media/projects)

      3: 180GB SSD (page/cache)

      4. 180GB SSD (preview/exports)


      sata 3gb

      5: 1TB - storage

      6: 1TB - backup


      I have about $850 in this config and just not sure if its a waste? I just want speed, budget is somewhat important, but whatever makes sense. raid, not to raid...?


      the rest of the system is maxed, 32gb ram, hot cpu, quadro 6000 etc...


      Just haven't built in awhile and the hard drive config has my head spinning... I want to buy tomorrow, so reply away! haha



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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          I know for myself, 180 GB would be waaaay too small for anything but the System drive (and even there I'd probably want a 256 GB).

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            flying_scott Level 1

            Agree, they are small, but here is my reason... This machine will only be used to edit. Typically for a single project at a time. I'm a freelance, one man band ;) and I usually only have one thing going on. So, I thought if I had fast working drives, and then off load those on the TB drive (or externals) when complete, then I have clean "working" drives for the next project.


            I shoot single and multicam canon dslr, so the footage isn't crazy big.


            But I'm all for building a raid with some raptor or blacks of it makes more sense. Again, just want no bottle neck on drives.