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    RoboHelp ACE Exam

      Hello all,

      I'd like to take the exam to become an Adobe Certified Expert on RoboHelp...only I can't seem to find out when the next exam is being offered!

      I've checked the following URL (as indicated in the ACE informational materials): www.adobe.com/support/certification/ace_certify.html - there is nothing about a RoboHelp exam.

      I've called customer service - 800-833-6687 - and they don't seem to know anything more than what I already know (i.e., how to prepare for the exam, details about the exam itself, the fee, recertification). They couldn't tell me any kind of timeframe (i.e., a month and a year), but since those who are currently certified must be recertified within 90 days after a new version is released, I imagine that the exam will have to be available prior to January 30, 2008, or thereabouts, since RH7 was released around October 30, 2007.

      Does anyone know when the test will be offered/available?