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    Down-level Poster.png just a white box on IE8

    Chris G Dack Ltd

      Hi everyone,


      I've created a very simple Edge Animate banner consisting of a background image and two layers of text that fade in, it shows up perfectly in everything except for (understandably) IE8 and I assume IE7, all I see is a white box.


      I inserted the animation via Dreamweaver using Insert/Media/Edge Animate Composition, it went into a "mainbanner" div with CSS:


      #mainbanner {


                width: 1000px;

                margin: 0 auto;

                border: 0;

                padding: 10px;



      These code lines have been inserted into the <head> section of the Dreamweaver template and subsequent index.php page:


      <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge"/>

      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />


      This code was applied to the "mainbanner" div by Dreamweaver after doing Insert/Media/Edge Animate Composition:


      <!-- The following tag displays an Edge Animate Composition -->

      <object id="EdgeID" name="EdgeID" type="text/html" width = "1020" height ="437" data ="../edgeanimate_assets/jb_mainbanner/Assets/jb_mainbanner.html" >



      Don't know why the animation that has 1000px width has a width of 1020px shown in code when imported yet shows correctly as 1000px in the browser but hey!


      I've checked that the down-level poster (Poster.png) I created has been linked to the animation; has been uploaded to the web server; is showing the appropriate static version of the animation but after one whole night of trying everything I can think of all I still get on IE8 is a white box!


      Can someone please give me some help with this, many thanks in advance.