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    Quicktime streaming

      I need to show end users how much of a Quicktime video has steamed from a server when the video is called during a Shockwave movie. Can anybody help?

      I have already tried the Lingo script percentageStreamed shown in the example below, where Golf swing is the QT video and Percentage Streamed Displayer is a text field cast member. I added this property to the Golf swing QT video sprite, but in play mode an error was returned and the playhead stopped in the timeline when it reached the QT video sprite

      On exit frame
      whatState > = member(“Golf swing”).state
      if whatState >1 AND whatState <9 then
      member(“Percentage Steamed Displayer”). Text=\
      string (member (“Golf swing”).percentStreamed)
      end if
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          > in play mode an error was returned

          It would be helpful if you posted the text on the error dialog.

          > On exit frame
          > whatState > = member(?Golf swing?).state
          > if whatState >1 AND whatState <9 then
          > member(?Percentage Steamed Displayer?). Text=\
          > string (member (?Golf swing?).percentStreamed)
          > end if
          > end

          Are you sure that 'state' is a valid property of a #quickTimeMedia member?
          Try instead:
          on exitFrame me
          member("Percentage Streamed Displayer").text = \
          string( member("Golf swing").percentStreamed )
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            Many thanks Sean. Your Lingo script worked perfectly.
            The info from Director MX2004 Help (see below) mislead me a bit. Because percentStreamed is a Quicktime Sprite property, I thought that it was possible to use the lingo shown in the example below with a Quicktime sprite. I don’t use much Lingo as you can see.

            percentStreamed (Member)
            -- Lingo syntax

            // JavaScript syntax
            Shockwave Audio (SWA) and Flash cast member property, and QuickTime sprite property.
            For SWA streaming sounds, gets the percent of a SWA file already streamed from an HTTP or FTP server. For SWA, this property differs from the percentPlayed property in that it includes the amount of the file that has been buffered but not yet played. This property can be tested only after the SWA sound starts playing or has been preloaded by means of the preLoadBuffer command.
            For Flash movie cast members, this property gets the percent of a Flash movie that has streamed into memory.
            For QuickTime sprites, this property gets the percent of the QuickTime file that has played.
            This property can have a value from 0 to 100%. For a file on a local disk, the value is 100. For files being streamed from the Internet, the percentStreamed value increases as more bytes are received. This property cannot be set.
            This example displays the percentage of the SWA streaming cast member Ray Charles that has streamed and puts the value in a field:
            -- Lingo syntax
            on exitFrame
            whatState = member("Ray Charles").state
            if whatState > 1 AND whatState < 9 then