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    Photoshop Bug, Straight lines with my tablet

    Denis9494 Level 1

      first sorry if my english is wrong... i have a problem with my tablet only on photoshop, i already read a lot of discussions about this issue in the program, it's, when i draw with the tablet ( Trust, Slimline widescreen tablet... on notebook with windows 7   4GB) after 2 minutes i opened the program and started to draw, i can't draw curved lines no more, the lines i make on the tablet, became straight on the screen, this is a youtube video that explains the issue          /watch?v=pDhuC1fk1NI          , as i said a lot of people have/had this problem, many solved updating drivers, many solved un-plugging the mouse, but a lot tried all the solutions and didn't solved (like me)

      i read that people solved buying new tablet (paying lot of money for latest tablets)  i'm sure its a photoshop bug because doesn't happen with other softwares, i tried painter 12 and works fine but i don't like painter, i really want to paint with photoshop but there is this bug, and i don't know where to search....    i tried all these solutions :

      unplugged mouse

      uninstalled all mouse drivers but tablet drivers

      updated tablet drivers on Trust website

      increased used memory in photoshop preferences


      i don't know what else to do