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    How to get a rollover in 1 spot to show in another?


      Hello guys, I haven't used dreamweaver since 2001 and even back then I wasn't that great at it.


      I used joomla to build my church webiste, but I had a photoshop person make a index page for me and the concept it because the church has 3 locations, at the bottom you have the "Visit" link and what I would like to do is when you hover over to press visit, in the middle of the page the church image will show up and i'm not sure how to do that in dreamweaver.


      I'm using DW CS6



      Under each church address I'm going to add a jpg there with the word "Visit" and when the member hover over the word. where it has 1, 2 and 3 depending on which visit button the member press the church image will show on top.


      Thanks for any help anyone can give me.