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    Cancelling Rendering during batch

    aklyman Level 1

      I'm doing a very big update of 15000 ai files, and after successfully navigating a whole host of problems I've found a procedure that seems to work great....except.....


      I'm using a FileMaker Pro database to copy an AI file to a new location from a file server, open it, run a script, save it, close it, and copy it back to its original location. I'm trapping all of the errors along the way, such as when the file can't be copied, opened, saved, or whatever.


      But when the artwork is very complex, and illustrator takes an unusually long time to render it, my server connection is dropping. This isn't an illustrator problem, but rather an overactive server that disconnects unused connections.

      Illustrator always renders opened files, whether opened in preview mode or not. Is there a way to have a script check to see if the "rendering artwork"  dialog box comes up, and if so, cancel it?

      I can't find a reference anywhere in the JS or AS reference? (Illustrator CS 5 Mac)



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          Muppet Mark Level 5

          I don't think you will find any info from the AI documentation… You can only choose the interaction level… AI does not have any events classes so you will need to look outside this… You should be able to AppleScript a check for dialog just after the open… I have done this in the past with PS you can even get the value of the displayed text…