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    my .css file suddenly goes blank

    theplu Level 1

      I'm using Dreamweaver CS6 on Windows7. I have a fairly simple fluid grid layout I'm working with which includes 3 css files - boilerplate.css, layout.css, main.css. I'd worked on it for a few days with no problems until suddenly, the layout.css file went blank. I hit close and "don't save". When I brought it back up, the file was fine and I continued working. This happened several times througout the day. One time, I hit "save" because I thought it might just be a screen redraw issue. It was not. The file was completely empty when I re-opened it. Luckily, I had saved a backup so I didn't lose too much. This happened 4-5 times on Friday (including one time where the main.css file went blank instead as that's the one that was open at the time) and twice again today. I've done some searching and can't find any indication of this happening to anyone else. Maybe it's just a bad install but due to the nature of our business, I have to get someone else to re-install it for me so I'd like to find out if this is a known issue first. Has anyone seen this issue? Is there a fix for it?