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      I am using Photoshop CS6 on a Mac, OS 10.8.2.  When I go to File/File Info... and look for the date a photo was created, I only see the time to the level of minutes.  I need to know to the level of seconds.  I believe earlier versions gave this information.

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          I'm seeing seconds.


          Have you installed all the Photoshop updates?

          Which OS version are you using?


          And where was this file created (the metadata may not contain seconds if it was created in another program)?

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            Curt Y Level 7

            In Bridge it is recorded in .01 second time intervals if I reember correctly.  Check how you have metadata enabled.

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              Donald_Gudehus Level 1

              Photoshop version is 13.0.1 x64

              OS is OS X 10.8.2

              File is from my Canon 1Ds


              I finally figured out how to have CS6 display the time in seconds.  First go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences, Date & Time.  Then click on "Open Language & Text", click on "Region", and click on "Times/Customize".  You will see 4 selectable options:  Short, Medium, Long, and Full.  Here is where it gets confusing.  OS X ignores which option you choose;  only the Short option is used.  The Short option is initially set to not display seconds.  So type in a colon and drag the oval icon from one of the other options to the Short option.  Then click OK.  Now when you select an image file and press Command I, you will see the creation date with seconds.  Photoshop will now also display the creation time in seconds.  Photoshop rounds off differently than OS X, so the actual value will sometimes differ. 


              In my opinion:

              1)  It would have been better for Apple to use a less confusing method to select the style of displaying the time

              2)  Adobe would be better off not relying upon the operating system to get the creation time of the file.  That information is provided by the camera, and is incorporated in the file.

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                The date issue aside, you need to update Photoshop 13.0.3 ASAP.

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                  Donald_Gudehus Level 1

                  Thanks for the advice about updating.  I did the update, and found that Photoshop still relies upon OS X to decide whether to use seconds or not.  A related question is:

                  why when in Photoshop, I go to File/File Info... and click on Camera Data, do I not see any date information, in spite of the fact that the camera has that information?  I do see the creation date under Description, Audio Data, Origin, and Raw Data.  This seems odd.  Is there some way to add the date information to the Camer Data field?

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                    conroy Level 5

                    Without fiddling with OS X preferences, time to the millisecond can be found in Photoshop's File > File Info.


                    Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 16.46.55.png

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                      Donald_Gudehus Level 1

                      Thanks conroy!  The milliseconds show up for later camera models but not earlier ones.  Since that information is a function of the camera, you know how I could make it show up under the "Camera Data" tab as well as under the "Advanced" tab?

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                        conroy Level 5

                        The date and time when capturing a photo is a property of the photo and not the camera, so I'm not surprised that there isn't a field for that in the Camera Data tab. I'm unaware of any way for the user to reconfigure the content of the tab.

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                          Donald_Gudehus Level 1

                          On my Canon 5D Mark II, I see the time to milliseconds.  On my older 1Ds I see the time only to seconds.  Also, I can set the date and time to any time zone I want on my cameras.  When I create a "photo" the camera tags the file on the camera card with the current time.  The camera thus is responsible for the date of a photo and its precision, as well as the ISO, speed, and aperture.  The date therefore should be included under the Camera Data tab, as it used to be in earlier Photoshop versions.

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                            Curt Y Level 7

                            Do you have an older PS?  Try the same file in both versions.  Perhaps the latest ACR has a bug where it does not read the 1D time stamp.

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                              Donald_Gudehus Level 1

                              Dear Curt Y,


                              I'll be able to try that experiment in 2 weeks.

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                                Earlier I mentioned the issue of rounding off when displaying the number of seconds.  Also, Conroy brought up the subject of milliseconds in Photoshop's File Info...  I did a little comparison of Apple's time tag and Photoshop's "milliseconds".  In the list below I compared the time from Apple's Command I to the time from Photoshop's File Info.../Advanced for a sequence of 15 photos. 

                                Camera      File               Cmd I             File Info…

                                5D II         IMG_1639     3:50:14PM      T15:50:14.069

                                5D II         IMG_1640     8:26:44AM      T08:26:44.021

                                5D II         IMG_1641     8:26:48AM      T08:26:47.091

                                5D II         IMG_1642     8:27:32AM      T08:27:32.003

                                5D II         IMG_1643     8:31:18AM      T08:31:18.092

                                5D II         IMG_1644     8:31:20AM      T08:31:21.002

                                5D II         IMG_1645     8:32:10AM      T08:32:09.087

                                5D II         IMG_1646     8:32:12AM      T08:32:12.051

                                5D II         IMG_1647     8:32:28AM      T08:32:29.033

                                5D II         IMG_1648     8:32:36AM      T08:32:36.048

                                5D II         IMG_1649     8:32:46AM      T08:32:45.081

                                5D II         IMG_1650     8:32:48AM      T08:32:48.071

                                5D II         IMG_1651     8:33:22AM      T08:33:21.085

                                5D II         IMG_1652     8:34:42AM      T08:34:42.042

                                5D II         IMG_1653     8:34:44AM      T08:34:43.046


                                Apple always makes the least significant second an even number, in spite of what Photoshop says it should be.  But the three digits to the right of the decimal point for Photoshop's time always begin with a 0.  The probability that the beginning tenth of a second is always zero is very small, 1 part in 2 to the 15th power or 1 part in 32,768.  Those 3 digits may not actually be milliseconds.

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                                  Donald_Gudehus Level 1

                                  I should have said that the probability is 1 part in 10 to the 15th power or 1 part in a quadrillion.

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                                    Donald_Gudehus Level 1

                                    I tried looking at File info... with Photoshop CS2 on files from my 1Ds and 5D II.  They show the time in seconds under Camera Data 1.  There is no bogus "millisecond"  information that shows up.  The nice thing about CS2 us that all the information from the camera shows up directly upon selecting File info...