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    iPad App not helpful without hierarchy bookmarks


      I have some large PDF files with musical lead sheets.  I am thinking of getting an iPad and putting it on my music stand in order to read lead sheets to play.


      However the PDFs that I created on the PC don't seem to work well on an iPad that I borrowed from a friend.


      They have many book marks which I have made hierarchical so that I can very quickly drill down one level so I don't have to scroll the large list of book marks.  On a PC all I have to do is two clicks and it brings up my lead sheet autosized to the window.


      However, I couldn't find any signs of hierarchy capabilities in the PDF iPad App.


      What should I do? Is there any graceful way of navigating through literally thousands of PDF lead sheets on an iPAD?


      The best solution would be one where I don't have to redo my PDFs as I created the bookmarks manually after OCRing some of the leadsheets...which BTW isn't always possible.

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe Reader for iOS and others such as Readdle's PDF Expert (they call them Outlines, while bookmarks are something you can add to the doc with the app) have support for nested bookmarks. There are a lot of PDF viewers available on iOS, some much better than others (including iOS's built-in viewer), so make sure you know which one is being used when you test. I find that PDF Expert's bookmark interface is a lot nicer than Reader's.