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    pageItem.exportFIle() changes in CS6 for PNGs

    Justin Putney Level 2

      Along with the additions in PNG export settings, I've noticed that the way that pageItem.exportFile() works differently with PNGs in CS6.


      In previous versions of InDesign, the PNG is export exactly how it appears onscreen in InDesign. However, in CS6 it exports a more "raw" version of the text, unfortunately. For instance, the following items are lost when exporting a pageItem in CS6:

      • Text wrapping from non-anchored images
      • Auto page numbers and text variables
      • Section markers (instead appear as "Section")


      This seems like a bug to me. It seems to defeat the purpose of exporting an image (i.e., maintaining appearance). Hopefully, this will be corrected in the next version of InDesign (and/or a Creative Cloud update).


      Edit: I think this is a seperate discussion, I've branched it from the original thread, http://forums.adobe.com/thread/996749. -- John Hawkinson

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          I agree it sounds like a bug, Justin.

          Bugs are almost never fixed by hoping (though they are sometimes fixed by wish-ing).


          Best is if you can open a case with Adobe Support (http://adobe.com/go/support) and explain it is a regression from CS5.5 and problematic and a bug and get them to file a bug for you, and give you a bug number for it.


          If you can't do that (because you don't have support, or they want to charge you more money than you can afford, or whatnot), then filling out the above wishform is the way to go.



          But definitely don't post here and hope. Otherwise we'll be at CS9 and thinking, "Gosh, some guy name Joostan posted about that problem a few years baaaaaack..."


          Happy New Years.

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            Justin Putney Level 2

            Good tip, John.


            I posted a bug report on the wishform. I was wondering if there's a Jira bug tracker for InDesign like there is with Flash...?


            I also submitted to be on the InDesign prerelease so that I can post bugs there as well.